Saturday, July 13, 2013

HOW TO: finish the Quran in 30 days?

Today I would like to give some tips on how to finish the holy Quran this Ramadan. Make it your goal to read the holy Quran in this blessed month, this month is a perfect opportunity to get closer to this miracles book The Quran. The Quran consist of approximately 600 pages that means if we read 20 pages a day that we would finish the Quran in this blessed month. Make it a goal to read about 20 pages of the Quran every single day, block time out of your daily schedule to read the Quran. It is also very handy to bring a small sized Quran with you on the go or to download The Quran on your phone, so every time you have some free time, you can read the Quran.

 We as Muslims pray 5 times a day, so if we read 4 pages of Quran after we pray, that is 4 times 5 is 20 pages a day. 20 pages a day times 30 days is 600 pages.

And if you want to complete the Quran twice this Ramadan, you can read 4 pages before salah and 4 pages after each salah.

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